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6mm HAGAR brass $80 per 100 cartridge cases
  $375 per 500 cartridge cases
6mm HAGAR Nickeled Brass $400 per 500 cartridge cases
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Hornady® 6mm HAGAR Reloading Die Set

$85.95 per set
Redding 6mm Hagar Type-S Neck Bushing Die Set

$280.45 per set
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Match Modified 6mm Hagar Magazines

We have the most reliable magazines available for the 6mm Hagar. They are 10 round 6.8 SPC magazines manufactured by PRI (Precision Reflex Inc.) and modified for match use to allow 87 grain or 90 grain bullets to be loaded to an overall length of 2.350”. The modification involves milling out a ½ inch slot along the top of the magazine back to point that 8 rounds can be loaded into the magazine with the longer 87-/90-grain bullets. These magazines are available only from H & K Associates LLC.

$46.99 per magazine



To order, click here, fill out the order form and send check or money order to:

H & K Associates, LLC
P.O. Box 358
Forest Hill, MD  21050-0358

Premier match cartridge for match shooting using the
AR15-type platform

Outstanding cartridge for varment shooters


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